Laid Off or Let Go? Start a New Career Now

With the current global situation, an increasing number of workers are on the hunt to pursue a new career path. Whether by choice or circumstance, the chance to start a new career has never been more appealing. Despite things seeming bleak, your job search can offer a great opportunity for a fresh start. Contrary to popular opinion, there are a host of opportunities for career changers.

Here at Voyageur U, we are dedicated to helping workers match with their desired career. Read on for our top tips, and take the plunge for a whole new you!

How Do You Start A New Career?

If you are looking to start a new career, it can be hard to know where to start. This is especially true if it has been years since you headed into a job interview! Breaking it down can make the situation less overwhelming, allowing you to tackle the challenge with a clear head.

Decide What You Want

Before you start a new career, it is important to work out why you want a change. Are you seeking a better work-life balance or chasing career development? Do you want to use your existing experience and skills or follow a whole new career path? In this situation, working out what you don’t want is as important as figuring out what you do.

One of the major trends which have emerged from the current situation is the movement towards a more freelance life. This can be a perfect chance to make the most of your skills while enjoying more freedom. Consider whether this could be an option for you; a surprising number of careers lend themselves to the freelance option!

Work Out What You Have

No matter your background, chances are high that you have picked up a wide number of transferable skills. These can translate well into a new career field. Consider working with career coaches to help you make the most of your existing skillset — you may be surprised at what emerges!

In some cases, retraining could be the solution; in these circumstances, finding experience in your chosen field is essential. Perhaps consider an entry-level or part-time position to build your knowledge, make contacts, and build connections.

businessman with cape trying to be brave

Be Brave!

Ultimately, kicking off a new career is always overwhelming — especially in the current circumstances. If you are determined to succeed, you will need to be tenacious, willing to persevere, and looking to take chances. Your new career path may not be exactly what you had in mind, but it could unlock new doors and opportunities for a whole new life!

Can You Go It Alone?

If you are looking to start a new career, there is an alternative to a traditional 9-5: switching to a portfolio or freelance career.

As the name suggests, a portfolio career allows you to use your current skills to build up an employment portfolio. Depending on your experience and previous work, you can create a range of two or three income streams. These can be great in allowing you to juggle multiple projects and enjoy freedom from a typical career.

There are a number of career paths which can lend themselves well to the freelance life. You may already have the tools to start a new career firmly in your grasp. Here are a few industries that other Voyageur U members work in:


IT is a versatile career path that equips workers with an enormous number of skills. These can be turned to a variety of portfolio options, from consultation to contract work, software development to programming. Explore your existing skills, and see how they can work for you.

computer programmer looking to start a new career at his computer


Working in operations creates skilled project managers, excellent delegators, and workers who can handle complex situations with ease. These are all essential aspects of a successful freelancer and can kick off an amazing career in working for yourself.


Looking to start a new career in finance can appear daunting, but actually place you in an advantageous position. Wealthy clients will always be on the hunt for financial experts. As a result, the ability to manage money, savings, and assets has never been more valuable.


A good salesperson can sell ice to Eskimos, and their natural charisma, skills, and experience can be taken to any working location. This is one of the best career paths to take into the freelance realm.

Opportunities can arise with both major corporations and businesses and independently. A portfolio sales career can offer the chance to work with amazing products and interesting clients. At the same time, you can enjoy the ability to retain your own autonomy and freedom.

Product Development

As the world continues to move online, those with the skills to develop products, apps, and solutions from anywhere are invaluable. Creativity knows no geographical limits. If you have the skills to create innovative, groundbreaking products, you could find plenty of lucrative opportunities.


Writing is perhaps the most obvious freelancer skill, and has the potential to transform your career. There are niches available in everything from blogging to sales copy, social media to product descriptions. No matter your preference, there will be an area allowing you to use your skills to their full advantage.

freelance writer surrounded by books and writing


Like product development and writing, design is a career that offers plenty of freedom and flexibility to talented workers. You could act as a consultant or freelancer for a company, or acquire your own clients.

Looking To Take The Plunge?

Here at Voyageur U, we have a wealth of resources available to those looking to take the plunge into portfolio life. Head over to our site and sign up to access the tips and tricks you need to take those all-important next steps. Your new career could be just around the corner, and you have the secrets to success!


John Arms.

Co-founder and Author.

I get my energy from helping professionals succeed in their independent businesses. I get to help people who were once stuck in their careers get unstuck. It’s truly an amazing thing to witness that transformation. I believe that success in the independent economy does more for a person’s pocketbook, health, life balance and sense of purpose than any other type of career choice.