Why Introverts Are Great at Sales

Sales professional as a term is not typically synonymous with “introvert” as a personality type. Breaking the mold is a mark of a great sales pro, however. Here at Voyageur U, introverts can find guidance along their path to success as a great sales pro.

Defining the Portfolio Life

Our personal and professional experiences are rich with variety, defined by many skills developed along the way. Maximizing your potential in your career by utilizing your wide array of skills is practicing a portfolio life. Your expertise in many areas creates a portfolio to build your brand upon.

As an introvert who travels the path of sales, your skill set may look slightly different from those who are a bit more “in your face” with their technique. Your portfolio is nothing that is predetermined, set in stone on the outset. That mindset belongs to strict career paths such as doctors or law enforcement. As a freelancer, your building blocks of success are built along your way.

Part of the portfolio life process uses your own personality traits to define what will work for you in forging your path. As an introvert, you may find that you face some unique challenges. An introvert is not well known as a “people person,” which has traditionally been assumed to be a staple for sales, for example. That doesn’t mean that your skills aren’t just as valuable as an extrovert, however, and cannot be harnessed to create a great brand as a sales professional.

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Personality Traits That Make Introverts Great at Sales

Knowing that extroverts can sometimes corner the market as freelancing sales pros, it’s imperative to uncover introverts’ traits that make them stand out. Author Matthew Pollard agrees with fellow author Geoffrey James that two overlooked sales skills are not only the most important but perfect for introverts: research and listening. 

Listening to clients, truly discovering their needs, and implementing their feedback into sales offers are all ideals with which extraverts struggle. Conversely, as an introvert, your natural skills in deep listening make you soar in this necessary part of the sales cycle. Introverts excel at the art of discovery because you listen so much better. 

Since most sales take place behind-the-scenes, introverts can efficiently use their innate skills in most sales workflows. Being introspective provides an important and unique perspective into the client’s needs, personally and intimately. Extroverts may miss out on that crucial human interaction due to their somewhat louder approach to the sale. 

How Introverts Break the Mold of Old Selling Models

Learning methodology to build your portfolio life in sales as an introvert takes some innovative approaches. Breaking the mold of traditional selling models is key to success for introverted sales pros. 

Cold-calling strikes terror into the heart of most introverts in sales. Luckily, cold-calling is a method that isn’t necessary today, and if it is something that may need to be employed, partnering with an extrovert can alleviate the concern.

Avoiding sales meetings filled with people is another way to change things up. Introverted salespeople have great luck focusing on the intimate relationship developed with clients based on one-to-one interactions. 

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Why Introverts and Extroverts Make Great Sales Partners

As the sales career field is already rife with extroverts, introverts may do well to find one and create a partnership with them. Because you are great at that one-to-one contact, collaboration with an extrovert can allow each to play off the others’ strengths.

If a connection with a group of clients is important to your path, an extroverted partner can create an effective sales pitch based on well-thought-out research that you’ve developed. Your partner then can invite the individuals to meet with you to go over objections and learn more details. 

As an introvert, you may find creating the opportunity to even connect with a potential partner daunting. At Voyageur U, we have created an outstanding community that can offer these opportunities without feeling overwhelming. 

Practice Makes Perfect

There will be times along your portfolio life path that you may have to conduct sales more traditionally. Should this happen, you may have to step outside of your well-established comfort zone. 

Learning a variety of skills to leverage your introverted skills when you can’t exhibit them takes plenty of practice. You have experiences you’ve cultivated over your life, valuable stories that make you relatable to your clients, and can cement that personal connection. Practicing sharing these stories will help put you at ease.

Practicing using your softer voice to make a bigger impact is a great start to creating lasting client relationships. Since you are typically a more critical and deeper thinker, you can practice effective pitches that need not be wordy but more meaningful.

introverts are great at sales

The Strengths of the Introverted Sales Professional

As we have discovered, introverted sales pros are great communicators in more intimate and well-thought-out ways. There are many strengths that you possess that add value to your technique and sales to your pocket. 

Creating an environment to play to these strengths will be enhanced by utilizing technological advancements. Digital client management options will help you create automated branding and messaging, where your message can carry your meaning without having the anxiety of overexposure to too much personal interaction. 

Researching the most effective tools and tips to growing your portfolio life as an introverted sales professional is a great use of that innate skill you have. Hone your great listening skills by taking advice from other introverted sales professionals that have found success in sales with your same personality traits. 

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As has been made clear, introverts have a solid and well-defined place in the world of sales professionals. Introverts have strength in their quieter nature that extroverts find challenging to reign in. Our extroverted sales friends can struggle with keeping that cool and calm facade and that finesse of confidence without being over the top. 

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