How to Get More Clients as an Independent Worker

As a freelancer, you may understand more than most that customers are the life of a business. This may seem like a moot point, but no clients mean no business. To survive in this business style, you must know how to get more clients.

Being an independent or freelance worker is a full-time job. Having a network of other freelancers to support you and teach you is vital if you wish to keep working. 

We at Voyageur U have been helping independent workers reach their full potential for three years. Our mission is to give freelancers the opportunity to thrive, network, and grow. 

If retaining a client base is something that interests you, keep reading. We will discuss identifying your skills, improving them, and growing your client base. Visit our site today to gain access to our great network. 

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Unique Understandings 

Before jumping into life as a freelancer, you should be absolutely sure of the service you are offering.

When you are asked what you do, the answer shouldn’t be broad but needs to be specific. 

  • Example: I’m a freelance writer. This is very broad and won’t stick with a person after you have spoken to them. 

This act of drilling down your service to be something specific is called a Unique Selling Point (or USP). This is key because it tells people exactly what you do. 

  • Example: I write blogs for businesses to increase their Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

That statement is to the point and may even help to bring clients in. If you spoke to “Mary” about your job highlighting your USP, it might stick more. Even better, when a friend tells her that they are having trouble getting noticed online, they may tell their friend they know a guy.

Word of mouth is invaluable to anyone in the business world. Who doesn’t love free positive publicity?

Another plus of the USP is that it showcases your skill set. Going back to the USP example above, they now know that you are a writer who understands marketing. 

Finding a niche to fit into is vital. This circles us back to what problem you are solving.

According to Business News Daily, a great way to find your niche is to identify an underserved market. Those in that niche are potential clients ready to be served. Who is your market?

How to Get More Clients

There is an old saying that the pen is mightier than the sword. In an age of emails and texts, this could not ring more true. Handwritten notes are a grand gesture that can make you stand out. 

A handwritten thank you note for a client using your services can be huge. It is a tangible example of your appreciation of a client’s business. This can also be an excellent advertisement for you.

Notes can also be written to follow up, for an apology, or recruiting clients. Of course, we also suggest including a business card. 

Taking care of your customer base is paramount. Thank you notes can help, but so does following up or putting out a newsletter. Your clients are your income, and their word of mouth can bring in more business. 

young professional independent worker creating a professional profile online

Virtual Portfolio

Now more than ever, customers want to know exactly what they are going to spend their money on. The internet has made it possible for clients to seek out what they want and get reviews within minutes. 

Having a website that is interactive and displays your work is more important than ever. It is a portfolio of your work that can be accessed and shared at any time.

When creating a website, something to heavily consider is a blog. Blogs are a record of your journey and can give your work a personal touch. Asking a loyal customer or an expert in your field to do a guest blog can also be a positive.

Other options that are a must for your online portfolio are:

  • Pricing guides 
  • Links to your work
  • Links to your business social media 

We cannot talk about having an online portfolio (or site) without addressing social media.

Social media is unique as it offers a more casual way to do business. Having a business profile yourself apart from your personal social media account is suggested. 

That being said, business profiles should be streamlined so that they are uniform in content. Taking to social media allows you to reach out to prospective clients. Facebook is especially unique, as it allows you to join groups affiliated with your local area or your field. 

If a need is seen from a post on such a group you can personally respond with the offer of your services. Such interaction can be a blessing in getting the word out about your business. It is truly word of mouth in the age of the internet. 

Clients can also add to your page by linking to it on their page and rating you. 

Facebook ads are a wonder as they can spread the word to your ideal clients. When creating your Facebook ad, you will be asked about who your clients are so that they can be reached.

The Social Media Examiner points out in a post that the more you know your clients the better your ad will do. The more it’s seen, the more business you have the potential to get. 

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Let Our Network Work for You

Some years ago, we saw a need in the world of independent workers. Being freelancers ourselves, we needed a place to go to network and gain wisdom. Out of that need came Voyageur U. 

Switching from being an employee to an independent worker can be pretty overwhelming. Having a mentor to listen to you and help can be a great investment. 

Our members benefit from having a built-in network with those who are also independently working. The site is there to help people start their freelance career on the right foot with a plan in place. 

After your business has started, you have many people in the same boat to lean on. Visit Voyageur U today to invest in your new career as an independent worker. 


John Arms.

Co-founder and Author.

I get my energy from helping professionals succeed in their independent businesses. I get to help people who were once stuck in their careers get unstuck. It’s truly an amazing thing to witness that transformation. I believe that success in the independent economy does more for a person’s pocketbook, health, life balance and sense of purpose than any other type of career choice.