How to Get Unstuck and Get the Career You Want

For many of us, it can sometimes feel impossible to get the career you want. Perhaps you have already invested time, money, and energy in training. Maybe you have a family relying on you or other financial commitments. All of these are excuses to stay in an unhappy working environment rather than seeking your dream.

In some cases, however, you may simply not know how to get the career you want. You may know you need a change — but to what? Here at Voyageur U, we have good news: our job is to help you get unstuck and kick off the career you have been dreaming of. Read on to take your first steps, and start living the life you deserve with an independent career!

How Can You Get The Career You Want?

It is impossible to get the career you want if you are still in the dark about just what that is. Many of us abandon our dream jobs in childhood, seeking a sensible path. The goal is usually to find a career that meets our financial responsibilities and pays the bills. 

This choice is undoubtedly a smart move. However, in the long term, the wrong job can harm your happiness and quality of life. Let’s look at some ways to analyze your current job situation and figure out what your ideal career path looks like.

man stuck in his job unhappy in his career

1. Admit There is a Problem

It can be hard to admit that you are stuck in a rut, but this is a crucial first step. Admitting there is a problem is instrumental in helping you to get the career you want. Only by acknowledging that there is a problem will you be willing to make a change. This unlocks the chance to explore alternative career paths.

2. Identify What You Want to Change

For many career changers, there is a desire for a lifestyle change, rather than necessarily a specific job. When looking to get the career you want, factor in your ideal working conditions.

Would you like to work from home or more flexibly? Perhaps this is a chance to go it alone and start up your own business? Through figuring out what isn’t working in your current role, you can look for opportunities that are a better fit.

3. Explore the Possibilities

In order to get the career you want, you need to know what is out there. It can be helpful to meet with a career counselor or try out some career tests. These resources are perfect for picking out hidden skills and abilities you didn’t know you possessed.

Working with someone who has a background in careers advice also helps you to clarify your abilities. This opportunity can be useful in determining which of your skills you could use to become independent. There could be an avenue you had never previously considered, just waiting to be unlocked! Be creative with this, and don’t rule anything out.  

Joining Voyageur U is another great way to explore the possibilities of your new career! With a network of professionals who have taken the leap to freelance work, Voyageur U has resources to answer your questions and help you plan an independent career path forward.

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4. Use Your Skills

If you are seeking a life of self-employment, it is easy to become overwhelmed and lose confidence. Take comfort, however, in the knowledge that you probably have all the skills you need already in your arsenal. You just need the confidence to use them.

Take some time to note all of your key strengths and areas of expertise in your current role. Are you super organized and great at managing schedules? Perhaps you shine in client meetings or are the go-to when it comes to clinching a crucial deal? 

By understanding what you are good at, you place yourself in a strong position. This distinction is ideal for taking your skills into a freelance or self-employed capacity.

5. Take Small Steps

You can take steps towards your new career without the risk of throwing away your current security. This is where deciding what you want really helps. Don’t be afraid to take on extra challenges and projects to really expand your skill set. While this may seem counterproductive if you are planning to go it alone, the opposite is true.

Being willing to take on new challenges in your current role has a number of benefits. Not only will you boost and develop confidence in yourself, but you may also discover a whole new niche.

Additionally, the contacts you make and cultivate now will be invaluable in your solo career. Make a great impression with your current colleagues and bosses. The effort now will ensure you have plenty of help to call on when you are working for yourself.

6. Find a Mentor

Sometimes, a shining example is precisely what you need to help you get the career you want. Explore your current network. Is there anyone who seems to be living your dream life right now, from whom you could draw inspiration? See if it is possible to arrange a chat or informational interview, and ask them to help you in your transition.

Seeing someone who has already made the change can be very inspiring. Additionally, this can also alert you to any potential pitfalls you may face in your journey. Importantly, your mentor can also act as your cheerleader. Going it alone can be a real challenge, and having someone in your corner makes all the difference.

Looking for an easy way to go independent without being alone? Join Voyageur U! When you become a member, you gain access to a large network of professionals who can help you build your independent business.

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7. Be Brave!

In order to get the career you want, you are going to have to be brave. While planning is super important, you can overdo it. There is a genuine risk that you spend your life in a perpetual state of ‘when the time is right.’

Getting yourself unstuck is really only half the battle. You also need to be prepared to put your well-laid plans into motion when the time is right. There is no need to be overwhelmed, provided you have done your homework!

8. Maintain Your Training

One hidden advantage to a typical career is access to relevant, up-to-date training. It is important to carry this over to your independent career. Having these plans in place can help to reduce the fear and hasten the process to the career you crave.

How Can We Help?

Here at Voyageur U, we are dedicated to helping you achieve career freedom. Our site is packed with hints, tips, and tricks to help give you the confidence to move forward. And once you become a member, we’ll connect you with mentors and peers who have been through what you’re going through — so you’re never alone. 

Head over to the site today, and see how you can unstick yourself and pursue the career you want.



John Arms.

Co-founder and Author.

I get my energy from helping professionals succeed in their independent businesses. I get to help people who were once stuck in their careers get unstuck. It’s truly an amazing thing to witness that transformation. I believe that success in the independent economy does more for a person’s pocketbook, health, life balance and sense of purpose than any other type of career choice.