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Go Fractional and thrive on your own terms.

Learn Fractional from the original Fractional pros.

Fractional. Everyone is talking about it. But what exactly is it? And more importantly, is this right career path for you? Join John Arms and Jason Voiovich, authors of the Voyageur U Fractional Career path, and learn what being a Fractional professional really means.
John Arms and Jason Voiovich, original creators of the Voyageur U Fractional Career path.

Three hours to change your life…get answers to all your most pressing questions about a Fractional career:

Part One: Fractional Basics
  1. What is “fractional” and how does it differ from other types of work?
  2. What are the different ways I can make money as a fractional professional?
  3. What does it really take to sell myself as a fractional professional?
  4. What are the secrets to managing a fractional client relationship?
  5. What do I need to do to set up a sustainable fractional operation?
  6. How long will it take to succeed as a fractional professional?
  7. What are the traits of a successful fractional professional?
  8. What are the top 10 things we wish we would have known before we started down this journey?
Key takeaway: We’ll show you how to build your fractional plan.
Part 1: Crafting Your Vision
Part 2: Crystalizing Your Value
Part 3: Create Your Financial Picture
Part 4: Schedule Your Ideal Week
Part 5: Choose Your Circle of 10
Part 6: Communicate Your Plan
Part 7: Accept (and Give) Help

Why Fractional?

There are three reasons businesses have a strong appetite for Fractional talent.
You cost less than you would full time.
Your wisdom is in high demand.
Seasoned talent is hard to find.

Feedback from Graduates

Going back into another corporate job wasn’t for me. I had been there and done that. Voyageur U showed me a new path. The Fractional path.

Tom Hoelderle
Member since 2020

Voyageur U totally changed my outlook on my career. Within 3 months, I was making more monthly revenue than at my previous job and now I’m my own boss!

Jessica Kelley
Member since 2018

I had been through the job search grind for months and was tired of it. I needed a new path forward where my efforts would be valued, not negotiated down.

Roger Scherping
Member since 2019