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The math actually maths.

If you hire a Fractional Professional for $100,000 in a year, and don’t hire a full time pro for $300,000 you are up $200,000.

But what about value? Doesn’t that $300,000 buy us more value? Especially at the leadership level?


Most full time professionals report spending 6-8 hours a day in wasted meetings. Wasted. Meetings. There is no value in wasted meetings. None. So that’s 6-8 hours of waste.

No wonder 70% of your workers are disengaged.

John Arms and Jason Voiovich, course developers – Voyageur U

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So let’s fix it.

Learn how to hire Fractional professionals. Don’t just rush out and hire one. Learn the difference. Learn where they fit. Learn how to weave them in. Learn the ACTUAL value they add to your team. There is so much more value from hiring a fractional pro than the cash exchange.

Well teach you every drop of it.

Voyageur U Corporate Training Program

In six weeks, learn how you can level up the talent stack in your business for less investment you ever thought possible. All for $5,000.

You will only be invoiced once we schedule your 1:1 sessions.

What does your $5,000 get you?

  • Two in-depth, live training sessions.
  • Exercises with immediate application to your business.
  • Introductions to a tailored list of practicing fractional professionals based on your requirements.
Session 1: What is Fractional (from the CEO and Hiring Manager’s perspective)?
  1. The state of job postings and talent management today: Four key problems.
  2. What is a fractional leader and how is that different from a full-time employee, a consultant, or an advisor?
  3. How do I know what kind of talent I need from that list?
  4. Making the financial case for fractional talent.
  5. Cultural issues: How do fractionals fit in? What to expect and what not to expect.
  6. HOMEWORK: Optimize your org chart.
Session 2: How do we work with Fractional Professionals?
  1. Structuring a fractional role posting around defined outcomes.
  2. Finding and evaluating fractional talent.
  3. Structuring a successful fractional contract.
  4. Onboarding a fractional leader.
  5. Managing a successful working relationship between a fractional leader and the CEO, peers, and employees.
  6. HOMEWORK: Write your first fractional role posting.
Follow-Up: Fractional Professional Introductions
  1. John and Jason will curate a list of vetted fractional professionals for you.
  2. You evaluate for each of your roles – likely 2-3 per role. (Note: We can’t guarantee a specific number nor their match with your needs.)
  3. You engage your Fractional pro directly. No markup fees or costs incurred from us.
What’s the process? What can I expect?

Step 1: Register here. (We’ll invoice you when we get your sessions scheduled)


Step 2: Schedule your training and follow-up sessions over the next six weeks.


Step 3: Complete the sessions and the exercises.


Step 4: Meet with fractional professionals who can help you.


Step 5: We step out of the way and let you take it from there. No further commitment. No additional fees. No commission percentage.

Does it work?

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