8 Jobs You Can Freelance

As the world changes and the workplace evolves, freelancing has become a popular conversation topic once more. Jobs you can freelance are becoming more appealing as we battle uncertainty, confusion, and restrictions. They also have the added advantage of a shorter commute!

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What Are Some Of the Best Jobs You Can Freelance?

While some careers and positions naturally lend themselves to freelance life, others are less obvious. There are a surprising number of jobs and opportunities you may not have expected to make our list. Read on for some unexpected inclusions and take the plunge you have been waiting for!

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1. Writing

Writing is one of the most common jobs you can freelance, and this is only increasing as the internet grows and develops. No matter your area of expertise, there are a considerable number of opportunities and types of writing to try your hand at. Journalism, copywriting, blogging, web copy, and social media are a few examples. 

Whatever your strength, all offer the chance to get paid for your words, and this can be a perfect chance to go freelance.

2. IT

IT is essential in a world where the internet allows us to connect to those worldwide in seconds. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that IT jobs are amongst the most popular freelance options. As long as you have a stable internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone, you can be fully set up to carry out most basic IT jobs from home. 

As working from home becomes more common, companies are evolving. An increasing number of businesses are set up to allow IT systems to be accessed from home, allowing roles to go remote.

As long as you have the skills, knowledge, and experience, you are more than capable of setting yourself up as a freelancer in the world of IT. As a bonus, you can significantly reduce your overheads by working from home, allowing you a more generous cut of the profit.

3. Operations

Gone are the days of operations managers sequestered behind desks in glass offices; now, an entrepreneur can run a business from anywhere in the world. The increase in technology means that communications are a breeze. Those involved in operations can contact their teams with ease — and no need to be in the same physical building. 

Whether you have set up your own business or had experience running one, operations are a career you can take with you anywhere. All you need is an internet connection! You can even set yourself up as a professional consultant, assisting and advising other businesses and using your skills to help them thrive.

4. Finance

It may seem an odd choice, but an increasing number of financial firms are finding that moving to home working is a genuine possibility. As an offshoot from this, more and more roles are becoming suitable for freelance working. From trading to financial planning, wealth advisement to financial analysis, there are a number of opportunities. With a little imagination, most jobs in the finance sector can be successfully carried out as a freelancer.

5. Sales

As the name suggests, a freelance sales consultant will usually represent a particular business or company which sells products or services. The job of the freelance sales consultant is then to work to achieve specific sales goals. 

As a freelancer, you will have the freedom to seek out the clients you want to work with. This is great for allowing you to specialize in particular niches, areas or companies.

Once the client is on board, the role is to generate leads, follow up potential, and put in the hustle needed to secure a sale. This is a perfect role for those who like to be kept busy and active. No two days are the same, and there is nothing quite like the thrill of the deal!

product development plan for freelancer

6. Product Development

Innovation, creativity and invention can take place anywhere, making product development the perfect option for the budding freelancer. There are two main paths you can take. 

The first is to attach yourself to a particular company as a specialist developer and external contractor. Alternatively, you can work independently and pitch your products to businesses.

Product development is an exciting industry, and working for yourself offers the freedom to really push the boundaries. There is just one thing to consider; you will need a head for business, as well as a creative nature. Once you are established, the world is your oyster!

7. Graphic Design

If you are a graphic designer with an internet connection, the world really is your oyster. There are plenty of options available, from crafting graphics for websites to creating infographics, designing clothing to rebranding businesses. 

Newbies can also use this as a great platform to build and develop their portfolio, ready to commission major deals down the line.

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8. Web Design

As an increasing number of companies choose to move to the online space for their business needs, their web needs are changing. Web design and development is a great market in which to establish yourself in the current market. From designing and setting up sites to taking over day to day running, there are plenty of positions available. 

To succeed, you will need a basic knowledge of the languages of the web, including HTML, CSS, C#, JavaScript, and PHP, to name the most common. It would also be helpful to boost your background in a specific Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress. This allows you to target your customers, hone your knowledge, and emerge as an expert.

Once established, you get started building, developing, and customizing new and existing sites. Time to help businesses take their brand to the next level.

Ready to Get Started?

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