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Voyageur U Bootcamp

Fractional Curious

Learn if fractional is the right career path for you.

$799 for one, 3-hour online session (includes all materials)

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Voyageur U Masterclass

(access to all 90+ videos, worksheets, templates and more)

$399 Masterclass
Consult Your Way To A Full-Time Job:

The Secret Trail Guide To Discover Your Next Project, Best Career Destination (And Get Paid To Do It)

$9.99 paperback or ebook
Voyageur U Bootcamp

Fractional 102: Getting To Your First Client

Make the most of your first three months in business.

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Voyageur U Bootcamp

Fractional 201: Sustaining Success

Dramatically improve your existing Fractional business.

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For Your Independent Career

Voyageur U is for professionals who wants to chart their own career path. After all, the world of consulting and freelancing is the new normal.

We provide a plan to get you started on your journey and a community to sustain you on your way. Membership includes enrollment in our 100+ lessons teaching you to continue to grow your business and improve your outlook on your career.

Everything is covered in our lessons. From how to pick a good accountant and lawyer, to setting up healthcare for yourself and loved ones. We also cover personal branding, client management, even sales tactics to land your first gigs.

Voyageur U can help you on your professional journey — whether you’re new to independent work or looking to elevate your gig work to the next level.

We believe that the business you want is achievable with the right education and the right community.

We support you with both.

Visit Private LinkedIn Group

Your people are here!

An active online community comes with your membership. Hop into our Linked In membership community and connect with other indys nationwide.

Fractionals United

Visit Fractionals United

Two things advance you into the wonderful world of Fractional. Learning the ropes through advanced curriculum (that’s our thing) and a community of support to be a part of. We are excited to have a partnership with Fractionals United, an amazing support community for Fractional professionals worldwide. 
Fractional Community Calendar

Networking events, community events, Voyageur U out in the world on podcasts, webinars and stages



Trail Guide

Fractional Masterclasses

Learn the ropes on becoming a fractional professional. 100 online, DIY courses that show you how to do biz dev, set up your biz, hone your value prop and more. Fractional is a whole new world. We put you on the right path.

Discover your next best career destination.

Struggling with the job search? Exhausted by the spin cycle of constant resume work, getting ghosted, and always coming in second place? This simple guide shows you how take a whole new path on finding work: Consulting your way to a full time job.

Is This You?

"I'm over 50 and was just laid off."
Ageism is real in American corporate culture. There, we said it. The real question is what you’re going to do about it. Wisdom is highly valued, but in a corporate structure, it can be threatening. As an independent professional, you’ll discover that people will pay for gray.
"I just graduated college and not sure what I want to do."
Here’s a little secret: Most people graduating college don’t know what to do! They simply apply for the jobs that seem to match their degree program. But there is more to the professional story of “you” than your degree. You deserve more!
“My daughter was just born. I need more flexibility!”
Children change everything, don’t they? What were your priorities before and completely different now. Day care is expensive. Corporate bosses are only so “understanding” of your needs (even if they themselves are parents.) An independent career will give you the balance you need.
“I’m already independent, but I feel so alone.”
You don’t need to be! Remember, you are part of one in three professionals in the workforce. What you need is a structured way to connect with others like you for moral support … and business development. Voyageur U is your community!

Voyageur U Testimonials

“Voyageur U totally changed my outlook on my career. Within 3 months, I was making more monthly revenue than at my previous job and now I’m my own boss!”

Jessica Kelly, HPZ Marketing

Your Park Rangers (aka Educators)

Jason Voiovich


Three years ago, I was in precisely the same position you are today. I was frustrated with corporate life and knew there must be something more. With John, I set out to teach others what I learned.

John Arms


If you’re this far, you’re probably wondering if you have what it takes to be independent. Here’s the secret: You do. It’s time to set aside “imposter syndrome” and make it happen for yourself. We will help you.

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